Join us for an interdisciplinary workshop that brings together researchers from various fields to investigate non-ordinary states of consciousness, such as those induced by psychedelics, meditation, and hypnosis. This collaborative event provides a unique opportunity to engage with leading experts and explore these states from both first-person and third-person perspectives.


Throughout the 7-day workshop, participants will work closely with keynote speakers, collaborating in dedicated groups to create proposals that aim to investigate the nature of consciousness during non-ordinary states. These proposals will integrate insights from various angles and perspectives, leveraging the expertise of the keynote speakers and the interdisciplinary backgrounds of the participants. On the final day, each group will present their proposal, fostering discussions on its theoretical foundations, practical feasibility, and potential impact on the field.

Scientific Chair

Thomas Metzinger was Full Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz until 2019. He is past president of the German Cognitive Science Society (2005-2007) and of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (2009-2011). From 2018 to 2020 Metzinger worked as a member of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence.

Print: “Conscious Experience” (1995); “Neural Correlates of Consciousness” (2000); “Being No One” (2003). Open Access: (2015, with Jennifer Windt); Philosophy and Predictive Processing at (2017, with Wanja Wiese); Radical Disruptions of Self-Consciousness (2020, with Raphaël Millière); The Elephant and the Blind (2024).


The workshop offers a balanced schedule that includes time for relaxation and personal exchange. The keynote lectures and discussion groups will be complemented by informal discussion groups on various topics on consciousness science more broadly, as well as various social activities. Embracing a spirit of community, attendees will also contribute to cooking and cleaning responsibilities, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere that encourages the formation of lasting collaborations.

This workshop offers an opportunity to gain exposure to diverse methodologies, contribute to advancing our understanding of consciousness, and develop new research ideas in an open and stimulating environment. If you are a postdoc or PhD student interested in expanding your knowledge and network in the field of consciousness research, we invite you to apply!

  • Campomoro, Corsica

  • From 31st of August to 8th of September 2024

  • 750€ - participation fees include accommodation for 8 nights, all meals, transport to/from the airport, and workshop fee

  • A limited amount of bursaries will be available for participants who wouldn't be able to attend otherwise, covering part or all of the fees

  • 16 participants

  • Application deadline: May 18th 2024, 23:59 anywhere on earth


Rosalind McAlpine

University College London

Rubén Herzog

Paris Brain Institute

Romy Beauté

University of Sussex

George Deane

University of Montreal

Scientific Chair

Thomas Metzinger

Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Confirmed Speakers

Christopher Timmerman

Imperial College London

Aviva Berkovich-Ohana

University of Haifa

Katrin Preller

University of Zurich

Guillaume Dumas

University de Montréal

Advisors & On-site support staff

Ulysse Klatzmann

Université Paris Cité/ University of Oxford

Rony Hirschhorn

Tel-Aviv University

Sebastián Dohnány

The Francis Crick Institute

Karla Matić

Max Planck School of Cognition / Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Camilo Miguel Signorelli

University of Oxford

Hadrien Titeux

École Normale Supérieure

With the support of

Templeton World Charity Foundation