The idea is to bring together MESEC members from all of our events and researchers highly interested in the field of consciousness science to a refreshing (and heaven like) location to remotely work together. You can come to do what pleases you: collaboration with other MESEC members, working on your own projects, writing sessions, relfection time, or everything you could think of.

There is no hard program, you can come at the dates that fit best your own schedule. You can work on whatever pleases you, at the time that pleases you and with whoever pleases you (as long as it pleases them as well). As it is a much more organic event, we’ll cook together and eat meals (and apero) together in front of the beautiful corsican landscapes. We’ll organize some lab meetings, grouped working sessions, specific tutorials on scientific writing and data-visualisation and week-end excursions (everything will be announce later). Nothing is mandatory, the idea being once again that you take advantage of this time and the people around you as you think is best.

A few words about the location: it’s a bunch of private houses, at the top of a hill with a stunning view of the corsican sea and mountains. The beach is ten minutes away and a natural parc with hiking trails is accessible from the backyard. Do note however that the location is fairly isolated (a 30 minutes drive from the closest grocery store). The event is mainly directed to our alumni, but if you are excited of being part of our thrilling community, a few spots might open for external applications.

  • Campomoro, Corsica

  • From 10th to 25th of September 2023

  • 150€ for MESEC members, 50€/per day for external applications. The participation fees include some of the on-site expenses (meals and accomodation).

  • A limited amount of bursaries will be available to participants who wouldn't be able to attend otherwise, covering part or all of the fees

  • 16 participants

  • Application deadline : July 7th 2023


Romy Beauté

Sussex Centre for Consciousness Science

Łucja Doradzińska

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology

Julia Papiernik

Jagiellonian University

Ulysse Klatzmann

Université Paris Cité/ University of Oxford

Participants - Workshop 2021 Alumni

Karla Matić

Max Planck School of Cognition

Rony Hirschhorn

Tel Aviv University

Camilo Miguel Signorelli

University of Oxford

Hadrien Titeux

LSCP, École Normale Supérieure

George Deane

University of Edinburgh

Suraiya Luecke

University of Edinburgh

Participants - Workshop 2022 Alumni

Lucie Cauwet

Université de Genève

Sebastian Dohnany

King's College London

Adelina-Mihaela Halchin

Cardiff University

Christoffer Lundbak Olesen

Aarhus University

Robert Chis-Ciure

International Center for Neuroscience and Ethics

Anna Eiserbeck

Humboldt University

Zefan Zheng

Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Participants - WinterSchool 2023 Alumni

Lucie Charles

Queen Mary University of London

Fernando Rosas

University of Sussex

Francisca Ayres Ribeiro

Kenneth Shinozuka

Michael Angyus

Nicolas Loerbroks

With the support of

Templeton World Charity Foundation